Conversation in a cab in San Francisco

Cab Driver: So what are your plans this weekend?
Me: Dunno. Go hiking?
Cab Driver: No, I mean for the game.
Me: What game?
Cab Driver: Superbowl?!
Me: Oh wow. Who’s playing?
Cab Driver: Where do you live?
Me: San Francisco
Cab Driver: No way…no way! What are you living in a cave?
Me: (dawns on me) The Niners! The Niners are in the Superbowl?
Me: Are they playing here in San Francisco?
(Cab driver looks like he’s going to cry.)
Cab Driver: No. NO! They are playing in New Orleans!
Me: Are they playing…the Saints?
(I was particularly proud I came up with this team name.
Cab driver almost drives off the road.)
Cab Driver: The RAVENS.
Me: Where are they from?
Cab Driver: Baltimore
Me: I thought that team was the Orioles.
Cab Driver: AAAAARRGH! Forget it!
(Long silence ensues.)
Me: Yeah, I think I’m going hiking.