Learning about the World

Back in the early days of this blog, after the weekend, I’d write about what I did the week before in an unordered list. This pressured me to do interesting things, which was a good thing, and reflect on them. Also a good thing. So this post is an effort to get back into the habit.

  • One of the many wonderful things about homeschooling is that I am constantly learning alongside my daughter. She asks a lot of questions and my answer is often, “I don’t know, let’s find out.” But today we went hiking at the Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, after yesterday’s rainfall. The Pacific Northwest is a fungal wonderland, and the mushrooms were in full bloom, most of them having come up in the last day. I was able to impart a lot of my knowledge of mushrooms to my daughter, identifying Russulas, polypores, slime molds, and the ubiquitous “LBMs” or “little brown mushrooms” as David Arora calls them in his classic of mycology, “Mushrooms Demystified”. We are now making spore prints from all the mushrooms we found.
  • I wrote a brief blog post on LinkedIn called Are you on the wrong road? Turn back!, based on some advice given me years ago by my friend Jim, which I’ve used countless times since. I now have almost as many followers on LinkedIn as I do on Twitter. And great feedback and conversations, which happen rarely, to my sadness, here on caterina.net, like they used to in the old days.
  • After reading about the Al Ain Oasis by ECWC, I became curious about cultivating dates, and browsed about the web a bit, learning. And made a note of it on Findery (of course). An incredible number of dates are produced by each tree! They’re as big as banana bunches! I had no idea.
  • I joined a meetup group called Bay Area Parents for a Commercial-Free Childhood which I had searched for as I was going to start a group like it myself. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find kids to hang out with that don’t consume a lot of commercial culture. I met the group’s founder Jill and her daughter on Saturday. She tuned my ukulele and even tried to play “Five Foot Two” for me. And alerted me to yet another group that gets together at the Oakside Cafe, the Ukulele Rebellion. I’m looking forward to more art, nature and music. Awesome!
  • Saturday Crafternoon happened, a bunch of friends came over, and we modeled polymer clay, embroidered, and I worked on another rug made of tshirts. I love Saturday Crafternoons.

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