Caterina Fake, investor, entrepreneur, mother, reader, optimist.

22 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Caterina,
    I’m a teacher at a new democratic school in Manhattan called Pono. Would it be possible to talk to you about our journey and the school’s development?
    Just read your posting about testing- there are alternatives out there! Hope to be in touch. Thank you!


  2. Caterina, several years ago you posted excerpts from my essay, ‘Capitalism Inside an Organization’. I am now teaching at Santa Clara Unversity and have just finished writing another book. I would like to send a brief on the book, may I connect with you on Facebook?
    Pravin Jain


  3. Dear Caterina,

    I am contacting you from Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau (just outside of NYC in NJ). For over 30 years, our speakers bureau has provided keynote speakers for clients holding conferences, lecture series, and business meetings.

    I’m curious to know if you do speaking engagements–if so, I would love to talk with you.

    Thank you so much.

    Sheldon Senek
    Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau
    phone: 973-313-9800


  4. Ciao Caterina,
    just found out you exist, and it is a good thing 🙂
    Great profile, great ideas (I loooove Etsy). I’ll follow you.
    An Italian mother/blogger/MD/optimist/entrepreneur-to-be


  5. Hey! We met long ago in the late 90s in SF –
    I’m an entrepreneur launching pinkjunction.com so, its easier to share tips, recipes and recommendations with our girlfriends – Are you open to ‘guide and advise’ and perhaps get involved as an ‘advisor’? Best, Natasha


  6. Hi Caterina,

    Wanted to connect with fellow seven sister alum on an angel opportunity for a tech firm – cloud based data networking game changing technology. While this message will most likely go into the great abyss, I thought I’d give it a shot.



  7. You are awesome! As a female founder, I’ve been following you for years & would love the opp to run a social tv platform by you that we’ve been incubating on several campuses in the greater NY area. Making our move. Looking for guidance & seed. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


  8. Caterina Fake,
    My name is Stephen McKinney, I am currently contacting you using my personal email so I hope you can forgive the non company connection. For the past year I have been developing a social media application called Lucid which I assure you will truly change the game. Recently I have discussed this application with some experts in corporate marketing and in developing internet start ups. Though some of there information was useful it was truly not enough. I am contacting you today because I would like to receive your help in understanding fully the social media world of business. What I have created is no short of excellence for my only goal was to change social media for the better. My application has done the following
    -limited cyber bullying
    – allows users to learn from posts and expand there minds
    – is not subject to direct advertising but is still extremely profitable
    – customizable
    -truly private
    -has limitless applications
    Lucid means, clear and to the point
    (clear and to the point social media)

    If you contact me I will explain to you Lucid, offer you 25% in the company and will use Lucid to better promote Findery and any other application or sites that you may want to roll out in the future for free.
    Contact Me By
    Email- smckinney872@gmail.com
    Phone- 508-446-75751

    Hope to here from you soon

    Stephen A. McKinney


  9. Hi there,

    I am interested in speaking with Ms. Fake regarding Findery and advisory.
    San Francisco based.
    Thank you very much,

    Sarah Mead
    (415) 871-6780


  10. Dear Caterina,
    My name is Manju Latha Kalanidhi and I am with the story desk of San Francisco-based Ravishly.com, an alternative news + culture website for women. I am writing in to explore an opportunity of doing an exclusive interview with you for our online publication.
    We run a weekly interview series called ‘Ladies We Love’, which aims to showcase women who encompass a new, progressive vision; women dedicated to their art, their career, to history, politics and everything in between. We’re keen on creating not only a website, but a network of savvy, successful women, who can promote one another’s growth and foster new relationships.
    We would love to feature you and help get the word out on our ever-growing platform. Please let me know if you would be interested in an interview with Ravishly. I can email/Skype/call you accordingly to suit your time and convenience. I promise I won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time.
    Manju Latha Kalanidhi
    Senior Editor – http://www.ravishly.com
    Ph: +91-98490 70230 (India team)


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