Scouts, Water, Lorena Bobbit


Scouts. Girls are now formally eligible to form boy scout troops. Not only was the copy editor asleep at their desk, the author did not note the inherent sexism of this odd new eligibility. Why not call both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts “Scouts”? And are there boys clamoring to form girl scout troops? That would show some progress. As it has often been said, equality will have a chance not when girls can be more like boys, but boys can be more like girls.

Water. The state of water in the world in less than 500 words. This will be a big issue in the future if the population continues to grow as projected, and this is a good summary of the regions the problems will arise, and who is getting in front of the issue.

Lorena Bobbit. Of course the real story was not what was emphasized on late night TV–the penis. The real story was about years of marital rape, domestic violence and male entitlement. Did you know John Wayne Bobbit became a porn star after his penis reattachment surgery and was convicted and served time for tying a woman up and repeatedly raping her? All those jokes at Lorena Gallo’s expense are hard to countenance–but an upcoming documentary may set the story straight.


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  1. Having been a Boy Scout as a teen, I was bummed when I saw the program that the Girl Scouts offered when my daughters were tweens. I wondered where the knives and knots and fire were, why they didn’t get to go camping every month or why they didn’t have badges that tested their abilities to build towers with nothing but poles and ropes or challenge them to spend the night in the woods in a shelter of their own making. I wanted my daughters to have the opportunity to be certified to use an axe (aka earn their “Totin’ Chip.) My daughters deserved those opportunities should they so choose, but those activities were not offered when my girls were that age. I am glad that girls can choose it nowadays. I also think Girl Scouts should offer those opportunities. They may, I don’t know. Everybody should know how to tie a bowline, sharpen an axe, and make an improvised splint with a newspaper. If the Girl Scouts offer that, great. But the Boy Scouts have been there for decades.


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