Caterina Fake: 30 Days of Genius

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I was interviewed by Chase Jarvis, the co-founder and CEO of Creative Live, an education company that has live education around the clock, every day, in creative fields such as design, filmmaking, photography and music. It’s a great company! I was on their board too.

Here is the interview, which was recorded last week, and is part of a series “30 Days of Genius”, which includes interviews with other folks such as Richard Branson, Swiss Miss, Arianna Huffington and other interesting and unexpected people. I had fun doing it, and, while I chafe at being characterized ONLY as an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, was able to talk about my experiences along the way.

Further Reading

These are some of the books I mentioned in my interview:

A Blue Fire by James Hillman. Hillman is a student of Carl Jung, but focuses his work on the cultivation of the soul. Great guide for creative pursuits, but for anyone looking beyond success into fulfillment and magnanimity in the old sense: great-souledness.



The Emigrants by W.G. Sebald. A German writer, who spent most of his career teaching in East Anglia in England. Sebald writes movingly, is deeply learned. The Emigrants is his masterpiece: a study of men, their lives and failures, their deaths.

Author: Caterina Fake

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  1. I enjoyed the video of your interview. So many things you talked about hit home. Now retired, I’m actually doing things that I enjoy. My passion is to support indie authors in any way I can. Two years ago I was unaware of indie authors. Then my daughter wrote a book. I helped her pay for a professional editor, once she began making inquiries into the traditional publishing route she encountered obstacle after obstacle. I began researching and found an article by James Patterson about self publishing. I told her about it and together we did our research and found that the indie author community is huge. We’ve immersed ourselves into that community and I am feeling so much more fulfilled in my mission to support this community than I ever felt in all the years of my professional career. Which was the wrong path for me but I “stuck it out” to my own detriment. Thank you for sharing this interview. It is my hope that many see this and follow their calling because of what they hear and find fulfillment.

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  2. You have to always know who you are. Being service oriented is a little portion of you. Some people will realize that and seek to learn more about your character. And others won’t. Plain and simply put. Others will never know what truly makes you tick. Great writing


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