Monday’s List

In which I gather random, unrelated things in short list form.

  • Never having made pizza before, I made 10 pizzas yesterday.
  • I worked as a youth in a nursing home, and gained a lot of experience taking care of elderly people. There was something quite beautiful about the old people
  • I am going to dig into the archives of and other sites around the internet where I’ve done some writing. I will repost some of the better posts, update some, and so on. Many of the posts have been offline for years, but I still have all the archives, going back to the late 90s. Nearly 20 years of blog posts should provide some fodder.
  • I’ve read some exceptionally good books recently, which I will write about soon in greater detail.

Author: Caterina Fake

Literature, Art, Poetry, Homeschooling Mother. Founder & CEO, Findery. Co-founder, Flickr & Hunch.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s List”

  1. Did you make the pizzas at home or in a restaurant? Dough from scratch, etc. or assembly only? Wood fired oven, gas, electric?

    Most important: how did they taste?


  2. I used store bought dough. They were very puffy, but nonetheless tasty, and I didn’t get the hang of eliminating the bubbles until the very last ones. Gas oven with cool spots.


  3. Get thee a stone, Ms Fake. They make a big difference- especially if you preheat it/them for 45-60 minutes.


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