Three Great Findery Notemaps

There are so many great notemaps in Findery. Here are some:

Lost Angeles. Weird, interesting, and off the beaten path in Los Angeles, and isn’t Los Angeles already weird and interesting? Next trip to Los Angeles, this is the one I am going to follow.

Changing New York. An amazing walk through history, using Berenice Abbott’s photographs as a jumping off point. Including McSorley’s Ale House, which is still in operation. 

Mermaids are Real. One of my own notemaps, which collects all the notes about mermaids on Findery, for a worldwide Mermaid tour! There’s a bar in Sacramento where a real mermaid swims in a tank behind the bar.

Author: Caterina Fake

Literature, Art, Poetry, Homeschooling Mother. Founder & CEO, Findery. Co-founder, Flickr & Hunch.

One thought on “Three Great Findery Notemaps”

  1. Hi Caterina,

    Hopefully you remember me from Bibliohead Bookstore in San Francisco. I woke up this morning to some people talking on KNBR about how you are going to be on their business show on Sunday to discuss your new venture, Findery, which is very intriguing. I really believe part of our success as a store has been to provide a space where people can connect with physical, tactile objects, art and information in a very synergistic way. So often, people come in here and audibly exhale a sigh of relief. At a point in time and culture where so much is changing so rapidly, people need a physical touchstone like Bibliohead to feel re-anchored and recognized: to feel relief from the swiftness of change and burgeoning of all things virtual.

    Financially speaking, up until we received startling news a few weeks ago, we thought we were fine. But we are going to be displaced for at least 4 months due to a retrofitting project (not required until 2018) along with a planned half million dollar upgrade to the building. It may be possible for us to come back afterwards, but since this all occurs after our lease expires, you can guess the outcome. Apart from packing every book up, they will require a significant investment of our own in the physical space, after which our rent would double. It may make a lot more sense to move, as the owners have said bluntly they really want another boutique instead of us. We are about to begin a fundraising campaign. Would you allow me to contact you privately about this? Our hope is that gaining a better financial standing will either help us negotiate with the owners, or, make the scary transition to a new space not so scary.

    As I was trying to locate you, I found a statement of yours on “You pick a big, ambitious problem, and look for great people to solve it.” Well, this is our big ambitious problem. Will you be one of our people?

    Thanks for your support in the past, and thanks for your consideration now.

    Melissa Richmond
    Bibliohead Bookstore
    334 Gough Street
    415 621 6772


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