Ukulele, Tune-yards, Blake

Another week and another weekend wind their way down the road, never to be seen again! And here I am blogging again.

  • Do you know about shit? was the question Jessica was asked by her son, in one of the funniest notes ever left on Findery. It’s so charming it made my week. A duet, with the daughter…just read it.
  • The Daily Ukulele has been my constant companion this week, which I ordered on Jill’s recommendation (as well as its sequel, the Leap Year edition). Thus far I’ve managed to master The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Blue Bayou, which led to an afternoon of listening to Roy Orbison, as I’d forgotten the tune.
  • I had a lot of Tune-yards playing on my headphones at work this week. Here is Bizness, though my favorite song is Gangsta. I like the Bizness video better. (I watched them both just now).

    I would welcome some new music recommendations! I was proud of having found Tune-yards…I have no recollection of how. Pitchfork? But my colleagues at work aren’t music recommenders, and none of my social music apps have come up with anything good recently.

  • Following on last week’s conversations about a commercial-free childhood I somehow came across a book called Living Outside the Box: TV-Free Families Share Their Secrets, which I read, and which would probably have been informative and novel to someone who watches a lot of TV, but I never have, so most of the things these families were saying (“I have so much more time! I now play the guitar, exercise, talk to my family!” “We average 48 minutes of meaningful conversation per day!”) and so on, were not new to me. It didn’t talk about screen time in general — video games computers and social networking. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading some parts of it, and learned that people take offense at people who are TV-less as they feel it is a judgment of them. I nodded at the part about how the people who are most adamant about the TV-less life turn out to be those, like me, who did not watch TV growing up, and know that not being familiar with Saturday Night Live won’t make you a pariah. If you’re interested in this book, I can send it to you. Email me your address! TV-watchers considering eliminating TV preferred.
  • Kickstarter’s year in review is amazing. I missed a bunch of those awesome projects, but I participated in at least one! I am proud to be an investor (which is either bragging or Full Disclosure, you decide). I love Kickstarter!
  • I am reading The Blue Poetry Book, a collection of children’s poems, because I can’t bear the amateurish poetry included in my daughter’s homeschool curriculum. There is a lot of Blake in here, and some serious, sinister poetry. For example, a medieval English ballad, The Demon Lover, which I’d known only as a folk song The House Carpenter, on Harry Smith’s Anthology. Kids love this kind of thing! I got sick of reading all these Going Shopping With Mommy type books, and got The Highwayman and Orpheus
    by Charles Mikolaycak, Aïda, Golem and other serious children’s books.
  • Saturday Crafternoon, I finished my rug! And made a clay pot on Sunday, in a class with my sister.

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7 thoughts on “Ukulele, Tune-yards, Blake”

  1. Glad to see you injecting more substantive poetry into the curriculum. I was a fan of the rainbow-colored fairy books as a child (Lilac is my favorite).

    Not necessarily new music but currently making the rotation in my headphones:
    Béla Fleck – Throw Down Your Heart

    Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

    Os Mutantes


    9 Lazy 9 – Paradise Blown


  2. tUnE-yArDs 🙂

    I second the following recommendations from Benjamin:
    Béla Fleck, Os Mutantes, and CéU.

    Here’s what we’ve (my family and me) have on frequent rotation on our road trip…

    Lay Low

    Julieta Venegas

    Mayra Andrade


    Zoe Keating

    Soda Pants

    Emily Loizeau

    Maia Hirasawa


    Instituto Mexicano de Sonido

    Bomba Estéreo


    Ana Tijoux


    Also, the Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR are a great way to discover new music.


  3. Last year, I finished a 1,000 new songs project. You can see all my playlists on Spotify, but here are my 15 Top Songs of 2012:

    Also, for the next year at least, I’m posting a song a day on Mighty Girl, all produced within the last two years. I started a week ago, and those playlists will be on Spotify as well.

    Tuneyards played the Independent recently. Great show.


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