From Swamplandia!

“How could you make a mistake when you had one option?”

– Louis Thanksgiving, in Karen Russell’s novel “Swamplandia!”, which I’ve just finished reading and would recommend.

Author: Caterina Fake

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3 thoughts on “From Swamplandia!”

    1. Ah, I have a whole bunch of quotes from the book that have been bookmarked for later, but haven’t gone through them. I just liked this idea. We have so many choices to make in the world these days, too many choices, and sometimes it is a beautiful thing to have only one choice. You can’t be wrong about it. It seemed a very strong idea to me.


  1. Yes that would be nice indeed not to have a choice sometimes. no regrets later about the “road not taken” and no need to sweat about a “road less traveled”.


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