Conversation in a cab in San Francisco

Cab Driver: So what are your plans this weekend?
Me: Dunno. Go hiking?
Cab Driver: No, I mean for the game.
Me: What game?
Cab Driver: Superbowl?!
Me: Oh wow. Who’s playing?
Cab Driver: Where do you live?
Me: San Francisco
Cab Driver: No way…no way! What are you living in a cave?
Me: (dawns on me) The Niners! The Niners are in the Superbowl?
Me: Are they playing here in San Francisco?
(Cab driver looks like he’s going to cry.)
Cab Driver: No. NO! They are playing in New Orleans!
Me: Are they playing…the Saints?
(I was particularly proud I came up with this team name.
Cab driver almost drives off the road.)
Cab Driver: The RAVENS.
Me: Where are they from?
Cab Driver: Baltimore
Me: I thought that team was the Orioles.
Cab Driver: AAAAARRGH! Forget it!
(Long silence ensues.)
Me: Yeah, I think I’m going hiking.

22 thoughts on “Conversation in a cab in San Francisco

  1. Funny thing was the cab driver who drove me home was complaining about how all his friends would be watching the game. “There could be money falling from the sky, and naked women running in the streets, and they’d still be glued to their TVs!!”

  2. You should think about a career as a standup comic!!
    That is the funniest story I heard in a long time. You made my day, I really needed that

  3. I’m just waiting for the NASCAR racing season to start in about 3 weeks. Couldn’t care less about the NFL. They have advertising everywhere. (on the cars, the uniforms, inside the racetrack). NO attempt to hide the purpose of the whole spectacle, delivering eyeballs to the sponsors.

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  6. How wonderful to see that my brother is not the only one besides myself who does not waste their life, and ignore their family, in order to watch grown men chase a ball around a field. I trust that your hike was enjoyable!

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