Is the Bay Area Toxic to Contemplation?

“The entire Bay Area is enamored with these notions of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, mega-success,” he says. “It’s in the air we breathe out here. It’s an atmosphere that can be toxic to … refuge, contemplation, and investigation for its own sake.”

This is according to David Kelley, Pulitzer Prize winning historian. (I’ve found this quoted in several places online, but can’t find the original context…or get much info about David Kelley. Granted, I didn’t look very hard.)

2 thoughts on “Is the Bay Area Toxic to Contemplation?

  1. I like the quote- thanks for sharing.

    I think, though, that contemplation can happen anywhere if you focus on and open up to it. My own process is about giving context and meaning in the quiet sidewalk moments walking from one location and moment (whether epiphany or tragedy or day-to-day). Like how a heartbeat, breath, or a wave works.

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